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We look forward to
seeing you at the Hemingway Kanala House.

Urdaibai offers endless possibilities, from miniature gastronomy (pintxos), to traditional cutting-edge Basque cuisine based on the very finest ingredients. Fresh fish, meat and young wines such as txakoli with its floral aromas will accompany you in your unforgettable moments.

Its fabulous waves, its paths, its cliffs, its bike trails will whet your appetite for discovering places actively with your partner or family.

Basque Gastronomy

Is famous for being quintessential and enjoys worldwide recognition. Talking about the Basque Country means talking about its cuisine, the produce of its salty soil, its stormy sea, home to the succulent fish prepared with all of the love and charm of its people.
Although there are plenty of restaurants choose from, here are a few of the main options:

Miniature gastronomy

(los pintxos)

Pintxos have become a new way to taste, in small bites, the brushstrokes of our traditional cookery merged with the innovative concepts of new Basque or signature cuisine.

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Gastronomia - Kanala (2)

Basque traditional cuisine

Traditional cuisine is based on fresh produce, prepared the way our amamas (grandmothers) taught us using the fish caught by our local fishermen. Fancy flourishes are superfluous in this cuisine which strives to combine the flavour of the land with the salt of the sea.

Nouvelle Basque cuisine

Nouvelle Basque cuisine has earned the Basque Country its position among the world leaders of contemporary world gastronomy. Its creators, Pedro Subijana and Juan Mari Arzak, coincided in their desire to combine cuisine with the strong local culture. The revolution was based on the following three basic principles and on the reinterpretation of “nouvelle cuisine”:

Recovering the lost dishes prepared by our amamas (grandmothers)

Guaranteeing the authenticity of all ingredients used in their recipes.

Innovating to create new textures, colours and aromas.

Where to eat?

The Kanala Jatetxea, a restaurant less than 100m from the country house, specialising in pizzas, rice dishes and charcoal-grilled meats.

The Pollería Arketas, only a kilometre away, perfect for family lunches and dinners.

The Atxarre, 1.5km away, offers the best pintxos to be had in the area. This is a must, you won’t regret it!

Toki Alai, situated on Laga beach, only 5km away. Here you’ll find a decent family menu, and in winter they make fabulous hot chocolate!!!

The Arita Berri Jatetxea is an especially charming place where you can find the typical dishes of traditional Basque cuisine.

The Restaurante Remenetxe has one of the best sommeliers in Spain; don’t hesitate to try his suggestions for washing down the delicious food.

Gastronomia - Kanala (1)

Lagunak Lagunak


Loft suite

Lagunak, or Hemingway’s friends, is our loft suite, fully equipped to guarantee a great holiday, and with fantastic views of the estuary.

Fully equipped Loft

The Andreak suite is fully equipped to guarantee a great holiday, with fantastic views of the estuary.

Andreak Andreak

Liburuak Liburuak

Fully equipped loft

Liburuak is a loft fully equipped to guarantee a great holiday, with fantastic views of the Atxarre chapel.

Cuba Cuba

Fully equipped room

Cuba is a room fully equipped to guarantee a great holiday, with fantastic views of the Atxarre chapel.

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